Nano Tips

The most Discreet Method in the game. Regal Hair Nano Tips are the tiniest bonds that attach to the root of an individuals hair, utilising the smallest and most undetectable silicone ring system.

Using the finest of our Indian Remy Collection, all of our Nano Tips are 100% Indian Remy cuticle correct hair. This method is perfect for those of you who want to avoid the use of chemicals in the hair, with no heat required to fit these extensions you are guaranteeing your hair stays in perfect condition.

Regal Hair can provide lengths ranging from 16” – 22” with every strand being 90% thick from root to tip, Nano Tips are certain to give you maximum volume and the gorgeous length that you have always wanted.

Along with all Nano Tips, you will receive our micro rings free of charge with each pack of hair that is purchased. No need for purchasing your own. These rings are the best at holding the Nano Tips in place and will guarantee no slippage or fallout during wear if looked after according to correct aftercare.

The hair can be re-used and re-applied through salon application and the hair will generally last anything up to 6 months if cared for correctly, sometimes even longer!

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