Invisible Tapes

Regal Hair’s Invisible Tapes collection is one of our most popular fitting method’s and we know just the reason why. Our tape in collection integrates in to the hairline by placing 4CM taped pieces along the root of the hair, with each piece being transparent, the hair is almost invisible once secured in your own hair.

This method is great if you want a quicker application time and a lightweight option to wearing hair extensions.

Our Tape Hair is sure to last you anything from 2-4 months with the use of medical -grade adhesive which is used in place of standard tape glue, meaning you will get twice as long the wear out of our extensions and avoid any slippage or loss of strands.

We have just welcomed or newest additions to the tape family – our five new highlighted shades! All available in our newest length of 22”. You can find our range below.

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