20” Double Drawn Invisible Tapes

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Introducing Regal’s Russian/MONGOLIAN Double Drawn Tape hair by popular demand. One of the most popular and favoured hair extension methods on the market which provides individuals wearing the hair a quicker fix to gorgeous long locks! 

Our Regal Hair Russian/Mongolian tape-in collection provides absolute luxury for the wearer and can last anything up to 6 months if cared for correctly & even longer with exceptional aftercare! The tape-in method we provide is lightweight and is almost invisible once placed on to the root of the hair, blending in completely on the hair of the wearer.  

Each 4CM individual tape-in piece is already Pre-taped and ready to be fitted, each piece will remain in place for a lengthy amount of time as stated above and will grow out naturally with your own hair. This method was hand-created using the best of our Human Russian/Mongolian hair that if cared for correctly can be re-taped and re-applied simply.  

Sleeker, Shinier & Thicker than ever before!

Our Tape Hair comes in packs of; 

20 Tapes 



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each individual 18’’ pack containing 50g of hair.

Each 20’’ pack contain 50g of hair.

Each 22” pack containing 50g of hair

Each 24” pack containing 50g of hair


The tape hair comes in our bestselling lengths of 18’’ , 20”, 22” and 24”  & will be expanding in the coming months. 

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